Sentex Autokey Gate and Garage Door Opener Remotes

The Sentex Autokey system combines the best of both worlds with traditional radio receivers and fully programmable access. The Autokey remotes also supports ranges of over 200 feet. All remote programming is done on the unit itself so no factory programming or computer aided programming is neccassary. Bulk remote entry is also supported with block-coded remotes. With a battery backup and internal clock, you can limit access by time or gate location. All remotes come block coded and must be ordered in groups of 10. We stock the full line of one and two button remotes in both visor and keychain styles.

1 Button Remote


1 Button Keychain


2 Button Remote

Sentex Clikcard 1 Button Remote   Sentex Clikcard 2 Button Remote   Model No: Autokey 2B
Frequency: 295 MHz
Availability: In Stock
Price: $24.95 (Min Qty 10)

2 Button Keychain

Model No: Autokey 1B
Frequency: 295 MHz
Availability: In Stock
Price: $22.95 (Min Qty 10)

Model No: Autokey 1K
Frequency: 295 MHz
Availability: In Stock
Price:$23.95 (Min Qty 10)


Model No: CLIKcard 1BK
Frequency: multi, 30-bit
Availability: In Stock
Price: $25.95 (Min Qty 10)



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